Wildlife Talks

Conserving Botswana’s pristine wilderness and wildlife areas requires insight, care, and commitment. To ensure that these areas continue to exist for future generations, it is important that children understand the significance of conservation and their role in preserving their natural heritage.

While visitors from around the world can enjoy the wonders of African wildlife, many schoolchildren have never had the opportunity to explore neighboring conservation areas and see the fascinating wildlife that inhabits them.

The  Feline Fields Trust focuses on inspiring the next generation of decision-makers to become custodians of these areas in the future. Every year, the Trust hosts conservation talks for hundreds of schoolchildren and their teachers, educating them about the importance of conservation and its benefits for rural communities. 

Three times a year, we present Wildlife Talks in five elementary school in Maun, Tsao and Nokaneng, to introduce the children to the wildlife of Botswana and to educate them about the importance of protecting the pristine environment in which they live. 

At the end of these conferences, we organize a competition between students, allowing the three best from each school and their teachers to spend a discovery weekend with us, bring it all to life!

During their visit we play games and embark them on a safari through the Kalahari or Okavango wild lands with our experienced guides to discover Botswana’s incredible wildlife, in the hopes of creating the next generation of conservationists. The children come back enchanted, with stars in their eyes and the desire to learn even more about Botswana’s ecosystems.