Our big project to reintroduce giraffes in the Kalahari area around the Lodge is finally coming to fruition. Unfortunately, the corona virus had forced us to take a break of almost two years!

Main threats to giraffe in Botswana include poaching, habitat loss and fragmentation as a result of
expansion of agricultural activity, climate change, and a general lack of education in wildlife conservation.

Firstly, to attain a permit to re- introduce giraffes it was essential to establish both that giraffe had been present within the area and why they Nearly disappeared from the landscape.

Data showed that they disappeared due to excessive hunting and that the area eco-system would now allow them to thrive again. The overall aim and objective of the project is to stablish a breeding nucleus of giraffes in the region of the Kalahari 

where the species used to live before. The achievement of this will result in improved ecological integrity and diversity of the area. In the next few months we will finally be able to welcome a group of four giraffes. The acclimatization of the giraffes to their

 new territory will be done in progressive steps. At first, they will be acclimatized in an enclosure, and then released around the Lodge area with regular monitoring and careful care to ensure that the species survives and thrives once again on their

ancestral lands. Your donation to the Feline Fields Trust will help us monitor their safety and reintroduce more giraffes in the future. 100% of your donation goes to on-the-ground conservation work.