Day 1: That’s More Like It

The aftermath of the storm lasted less than a day as we all chipped in to return The Lodge to its full glory.
Yoga at sunset
Once everything was dry, polished and put back in its rightful place, it was time for a swim and a G&T. Lying beside the pool I justified my actions to Alwyn with “well you have to keep the malaria at bay somehow” only to be told, with a raised eyebrow, that “there isn’t any malaria in the Kalahari Desert I’m afraid” …Damn..

Yoga Session

There was even time for a yoga session at sundown when the infinity pool really comes into its own and the zen of the place feels incredible.

As the sun sinks towards the horizon, the pool starts to reflect the pastel sky and the sense of calm is amplified as even the wildlife seems to be winding down for the day.

Tonight the lanterns were lit and The Lodge looked gorgeous in their glow.

Day 2: Waking Up in the Kalahari

Wow. What a way to wake up.

Opening your eyes and seeing that pink sky open up in front of you, with the sun creeping over the skyline is just stunning.

Sunrise from suite

So much thought has gone into the design of the suites; the small detail of having a raised bed really does make it feel like you are floating out in the desert, surrounded by nature, but with the comfort of a luxuriously soft pillow.

A Place of Peace

With the storm a distant memory it is time to let the calm of the oasis sink in. Sitting by the pool, looking out across the Kalahari, The Lodge has definitely been moved up to one of my top ten places to just exist.

Whilst there is plenty to see and do around The Lodge, today I’m just going to enjoy sitting, sunning and looking – and I suppose maybe a bit of blogging.