Exploring the Kalahari Desert

Explore the Desert

The Lodge offers daily game drives in our vast Kalahari conservancy area.

Early morning and late afternoon is the optimal time for game drives as the temperatures are milder and the wildlife is more active.

It is important to us that you feel free and enjoy your stay at your own pace and preferences. If you would prefer to sleep in we will happily organise a later start to your game drive.

Kalahari wildlife includes elephants, brown hyena, leopard, gemsbok, wildebeest, an occasional lion but also meerkats, mangouste, honey badgers and aardvark. We are fortunate to have two packs of the rare wild dogs close to the lodge which visit us from time to time.

The Lodge is located in an area where there are no other lodges. Enjoy private safaris where you will drive for hours without seeing another single soul and really escape from the rest of the world.

Walking safaris with the Kalahari Bushmen

Walking Safaris

Experience the African bush as you never have before.

Once you alight from your vehicle and your feet touch the earth, you will be surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of nature. It is here that you will discover a whole new world, mysteries that most visitors never have the privilege to see.

Our skilled and experienced guides will escort you through the bush and introduce you to the small wonders of the Kalahari. A truly fascinating experience where you become part of the wilderness.

Cultural Activities

The Lodge is very fortunate to be in close proximity to the Gcwihaba Caves, one of the most remote and wild destinations in Botswana. The ancient Gcwihaba Caves, a proposed World Heritage site, is over three million years old.

Explore the labyrinth of caverns and linked passages with fascinating stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Around the Gcwihaba Caves, a unique ecosystem exists, including aloes and Namqua fig, tent tortoises, geckos and barn owls.

Arriving by helicopter for a walking safari with the Bushmen

Visit a Bushman Village

The Lodge at Feline Fields is located in the heart of Bushman territory, the first people of the Kalahari.

Feline Fields collaborate with the Bushman community and offers through this a glimpse into their astonishing wisdom, spirituality and their partnership with nature which ensured survival over millennia.

Our guests has the opportunity to interact with individuals nominated by the community to join us and our guests.

Experiences range from bush walks under Bushman guidance where they teach about veld foods and natural medicines and culture and folklore to an overnight fly-camp where you’ll be invited into their inner circle to witness, or partake in, the famous Bushman Trance Dance.

Bushmen trance dance

Lodge Activities

As our guest, we encourage you to enjoy your stay however you like. There is a diverse range of activities available, not only game drives but cultural visits, active entertainments or even relaxing a the lodge, soaking up the surroundings.

Mountain biking in the Kalahari green season

Mountain Biking

The Lodge presents a new way for you to experience nature: on a mountain bike. Each villa has its own pair of mountain bikes parked in front.

Around the lodge you can enjoy riding bike on your own. If you would like to venture further to discover the area by bicycle a guide will accompany you on a cycling adventure.

The Lodge's 25m swimming pool

Swimming Pool

Take a dip in our 25m lap pool. After a refreshing swim, sip a cocktail lying on your sun lounge and thrill to elephants drinking from the waterhole in front of the pool.

Working out in The Lodge's bush gym

Bush Gym

Work out in the open bush gym, accompanied by the sounds of the nature. There is an array of exercise equipment to choose from including elliptical, home trainer, weights and more.

Tennis match in the Kalahari

Tennis Court

Set in the bush, The Lodge has a clay tennis court, constructed from an old, abandoned termite mound. Guests can play a game of tennis during the milder moments of the day.

Horse riding in the Kalahari

Horse Riding

The level landscape, dotted by a few undulating dunes, is perfect for hours of horse riding. Ride to the top of the dunes and drink in the breathtaking 360 degrees view across Botswana and Namibia that lies just 40 kilometres away from the lodge.

Massage and spa treatments

Private Africology Spa Treatments

Relax and unwind on your villa’s rooftop lounge, cooled by a gentle breeze, and luxuriate in one of our special Africology treatments or massages.

Golf practice in the Kalahari

Golf Practice

Practice your golf swing on our driving range in the bush near The Lodge. Tee up and send your golf ball soaring into the African sky.