The Lodge has featured in an article by the Embassy of France in Gabarone regarding France and the tourism industry in Botswana.

With thousands of French citizens visiting Botswana each year many have stayed to help develop the countries tourism industry. The embassy spoke to three members of the French community who have joined the effort including our own Raphaël del Sarte.

Each has focussed on answering the needs of the clients:

“Feline Fields is centred on the quality and innovation of The Lodge by offering the possibility to play tennis or horse riding on the property and serves French cuisine during the meals.”

The embassy also highlighted how safari operators are contributing to the local communities’ development:

“Mr del Sarte provides a free round-transfer for children to go to school on a daily basis and works directly with a San community that lends him horses for rides in the bush.

Feline Fields has been nominated in the category Community Engagement of the Pure contest, that will be held in Marrakech from the 12th to 15th of September, for its actions in favour of the children of the region.”