Feline Fields Trust

Feline Fields Trust

The Feline Fields Trust is a non-profit organisation supported by ecotourism company Feline Fields to facilitate sustainable conservation through leadership development and education of rural children in Botswana.

We aim to implement a workable formula between conservation, communities and commerce. The model takes stressed and threatened environments and buffers them with compassionate protection and intelligent management.

Our Motivation

Much of the world’s wildlife and wildernesses have come under increasing pressure despite all the conservation efforts to protect them.

Species and their habitats are being poached, hunted, developed, mined, polluted, abused. These increasingly rare places are valued less, not more; protected less, not more.

Alternative, bold and sustainable conservation models must be created, integrating communities, government and the private sector.

Lion, Khwai
Handing out blankets

Our Method

The development of a sound conservation model, which is sustainably funded through sensitive, low volume, low impact tourism. This private sector initiative creates the capital needed to help fund overall conservation initiatives.

Our primary ambition is to create of a number of flagship conservation programmes in areas that previously have been deemed marginal.

Feline Fields implements ecotourism to maintain conservation as a sustainable land use alternative. In short, in order for conservation to be that preferred land use, there must be an economic driver, which also provides reliable benefits for surrounding rural communities and government.

Our People

Dedicated individuals from the realms of international finance, specialist architecture, environmental consultation, scientific research and human resources have pooled their wide ranging skills and experience to create innovative, world-class conservation projects and hospitality products in a number of diverse and threatened African habitats.

We strive to empower individuals from our community through sourcing of staff locally and skills development through intensive high-level training.

Thapelo with winners of a conservation competition

Wildlife Talks

The founding of Feline Fields Trust was marked by the presentation of a series of wildlife talks to youthful members of Wildlife Clubs at five primary schools selected from the Maun area.

Each talk culminated in a wildlife quiz. The winners from each school were rewarded with a day trip into the Moremi Game Reserve, guided by Feline Fields’ head guide, Thapelo Malatsi.

Feline Fields hopes that this series of talks will help create enthusiasm in Motswana youth for Botswana’s natural resources, and the allure of a career in wildlife conservation.

Kalahari Kids

Kalahari Kids aims to bridge the divide that exists between local communities and wildlife by focussing on engaging the next generation.

During summer each year the company invites groups of up to twelve vulnerable or underprivileged children selected from surrounding villages to participate in a five-day camp experience.

At this conservation retreat the children are taken on typical activities paying guests would experience. The children also are provided daily environmental awareness classes focussing on aspects which could affect the children’s lives.

These include career opportunities in tourism, both the hospitality side and environmental work, or the negative impact of poaching on the environment and its repercussions on the tourism industry.

The children’s mentors are drawn from Feline Fields’ camp staff who volunteer their time and energy to contribute to the programme. Participants are also introduced to the studies of post graduate scientific researchers working out of the camp where the possibilities of future tertiary education in the field is highlighted.

Through these programmes, the next generation are taught the importance of conservation and the activities offered strive to instil a passion for the environment in order for them to become future custodians of these vital wilderness areas.