To celebrate the Botswana’s 50th anniversary since independence, Travel Africa asked experts for their insight and advice to help travellers plan an extraordinary trip.

Secret 29 is from our own Marjan Blom, owner of The Lodge.

Meet the Bushmen

Travel back in time in the remote village of Xai Xai, one of the last remaining realms of the San Bushmen. These friendly hunter-gatherers have a fascinating ‘click’ language and a way of life that has all but disappeared from the rest of the world. Don’t miss their ‘trance dance’ under the star-studded sky or a morning bush walk.

The other Botswana secrets cross the breadth of this diverse and magnificent country including:

  • Discover ancient rock art
  • Get lost in the Aha Hills
  • Seek out the Green Desert
  • Go deep into the Kalahari
  • Sip a sundowner with an elephant shrew